An earth-shattering conspiracy. A cabal of ninja killers. When the oldest man in the world uncovers the truth, can his bodyguard keep him alive long enough to reveal it?

Nige Davies just wants to see his grandkids. Hoping for a little extra cash, the former bouncer takes a security job for the world's oldest man. But his client isn’t your usual 135-year-old. He’s tanned, toned, and works as a health guru for the world's biggest food company. Everyone’s heard of him. Everyone loves him.

So why have religious cultists just announced their intent to nuke London in four days if he is not assassinated?

Maybe they know something he doesn't... yet!

Can Nige help him uncover the truth before they are both killed? Or will the secret of the world’s most beloved centenarian be buried with them?

A More Perfect Human is the first novel in C J Powell’s humour and heart packed sci-fi thriller series. A fast-paced adventure filled with laugh-out-loud moments, witty dialogue, and danger around every corner.

"A perfect balance of tension and comedy..." - DK Pike (Author of Fauxville)
"A wonderful cast that literally jump off the page..." - Amazon Review
"One of the best books I've read..." - Goodreads Review
"I truly am stunned to see that this is this young author's first book because it really is a masterful work of fiction" - Review

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A former PI turned postman. A missing child. Can he deliver her home before it’s too late?

Trent Macadamia just wants to forget. Following last year’s revelation, Mac finds himself lost in drink and abandoned by those he fought alongside. But when a mysterious woman comes to him with a new case, he must decide what’s more important, staying safe or staying sane.

Returning to London and seeking out old friends, Mac discovers a living underbelly to the city stranger than he ever thought could exist. Can he unite new allies with a secret underground army run by old friends? Or will the ruthless dictators of humanity bury the truth along with him?

Post-Apocalyptic is the second story in C J Powell's humour packed sci-fi / fantasy Chrysalis series. A fast paced adventure through the over and underground of England filled with hilarious moments, conspiracy theory satire, and Everyman heroes standing up for what's right.

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Things have taken a suspicious turn in the neighborhood. And is one of his pets trying to communicate?

Dan Dixon is not a people person. With a beloved wife he’s convinced is out of his league and a mediocre job playing in a wedding band, the failed rockstar’s only friends are his cats. So when they return after going missing for four days, the awkward introvert is alarmed that one has put on muscle, the other has grown intelligent, and they’re both breaking into the neighbor’s house.

Vowing to get to the bottom of the strange goings-on, Dan is flustered when his pawed pals continually outwit his efforts to keep them confined. And with a mysterious man in a parka haunting the street, a weird woman disappearing in the woods, and other kitties vanishing into the night, the overly imaginative homebody fears he’s stumbled into a catastrophic conspiracy.

Can this feline aficionado fumble his way to the truth without falling prey to conniving villains?

There's Something Wrong With The Cats is a laugh-out-loud cozy science fiction mystery. If you like endearingly uneasy heroes, lighthearted fun, and twists that keep you guessing, then you’ll love C J Powell’s claw-some adventure.

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