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C J Powell

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The Demon Hunter's Wife

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A husband with secrets. A world of monsters hiding in the dark. This stay-at-home mum is ready to take evil and blast it straight back to hell…

Sadie Kilmore feels she's somehow missed her calling. With a man that works all week, an out of control toddler, and a bad case of demon possessed mother, who can she turn to when she needs a break? When her husband doesn't come home from work one weekend, and terrifying beasts come for their kid, she trades washing for wands and goes on the offensive.

Uncovering a conspiracy that goes all the way down, can Sadie go from SAHM to sorcereress before it's lights out for everyone?

The Demon Hunter's Wife is a fun urban fantasy story. If you like a cozy blood bath, terrifying villains, and witty takes on modern motherhood, then you'll love C J Powell's chaotic adventure.

A More Perfect Human - Book 1 of The Chrysalis Series

Eight foot tall ninjas, gun wielding cultists, a private eye on a mission to find a woman's missing husband, and a club bouncer booked to guard the world's oldest man collide on the streets of London... Something sinister is probably afoot...

I Eat Mushrooms For Breakfast - Coming June 2024

An abandoned colony, a host of abominable creatures, and a space pirate with a tequila induced hangover trying desperately not to vomit inside his respirator helmet. A laugh-out-loud space adventure. If you love weird alien creatures and unlikely heroes stepping up when they have to, then you’ll love this action packed sci-fi story.

The only pictures I have are of me holding a bass or a baby...


Hey, I'm Chris a sci-fi / comedy* / thriller writer who lives in the south of the UK with my wife and daughter.

I play bass in a wedding band and regularly travel the world to "rock the party". When I'm not doing that I'm reading, gaming, or trying to catch up on sleep. My favourite authors include Terry Pratchett, Blake Crouch, and I'm seriously getting in to P.G Wodehouse!

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*I say comedy. It's difficult to say, 'oh yeah I'm a comedy writer. The things I write are funny.' You can write bad science-y alien stuff, and still be a sci-fi author. But as soon as you say comedy, you actually have to be funny. So here I am backing myself like my life coach suggested...